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About Anne

What ever brought you here today I hope I can help

Regardless of the messages you received through childhood, relationships or society about how you 'should' be, there is no judgement here. Finding the right therapist is important, someone you feel you can connect to and be comfortable with. I offer an initial free assessment so you can discover whether you connect with me as your therapist.

I am qualified counsellor with a UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis (TA) and continue to train as a psychotherapist. The philosophy of TA is that everyone is OK, we all have the capacity to change, and we all decide our own destiny and these decisions can be changed. I work with adults, talking through emotional problems, mental health issues or a desire for chang in your life. I work relationally and believe the theraputic relationship is instrumental to affecting change. This means we work together to identify your strengths and areas for growth to enable you to build resilience to bring about change.

Priot to deciding to retrain as a psychotherapist I had a varied career and work history behind me; seamstress, retail security management and investigation as well as hospitality work. My decision to retrain came at a difficult time in my life and I chose to train in TA because its philosophy resonated with me. I'll share with you TA has changed my life for the better.

Professional Standards

A conceptual look at ethics and related

I abide by the UKATA Code of Ethics and fully insured (UK Association for Transactional Analysis monitor standards of competence and ethical practise for both trainee and qualified Transactional Analysts). I am DBS checked and registered with the Data Commissioner and comply with the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR).

Transactional Analysis


Originally developed by Eric Berne, Transactional Analysis, a theory of personality and systemic psychotherapy for personal change and personal growth. It is an extremely effective mode of psychotherapy that offers a theory of child development and includes the concept of life script which explains how our present life pattern originated in childhood.


If you would like to read further about TA this is a good place to start.


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