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In this video I explain about the free 30 minute consultation I offer. This gives you an idea of how we would use that time together.

How frequent are the sessions?

Typicall, therapy sessions are held on a weekly basis.  This allows for enough time between sessions for reflection to occur and changes to start being implemented.  However, when theraputic support is needed on a more frequent basis, we can discuss increasing sessions to twice a week.

How many sessions will I have?

The number of sessions that are appropriate for you will depend on what it is you bring to therapy and what you want to achieve. We will discuss this so you are clear what is available and what to expect.

How does therapy work?

It is part of our nature to try and make sense of life and ourselves. I provide a confidential and empathic working relationship and a safe space for you to sort out your problems and pain without judgement. Psychotherapy is a means by which we can examine the constraints of our lives and overcome our problems in a desired way.

What is the free consultation for?

This session is because I want to understand more about you, your background and what brings you to therapy because then I can make a decision whether I am the right therapist for you. This time also gives you the opportunity to meet me and ask me questions that are important to you as well as get some sense of how you feel in my company.

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